Monday, January 6, 2020

Linux and Windows Pros and Cons

Linux and Windows: Pros and Cons Windows is known to be a traditional operating system due to its simplicity and popularity among average users. But nowadays more and more people, working with PCs, tend to turn to Linux operating system. So, let us consider major pros and cons of the two systems for us to be able to make a choice. Two main advantages of Linux operating system usually mentioned by its followers are: High level of adjustability. Sometimes it is quite difficult to make OS Windows work the way you need, whereas Linux is a real apotheosis of adjustability of all its features and services. High level of security if compared to Windows. There is a strong reason to believe, that Linux significantly leaves Windows behind in terms of security. Linux-community releases patches practically on the same day the message about program errors pops up. Linux users are proud to say, that this operating system has never been a victim to a single virus that broke free. Besides, a lot of Linux variants can be obtained free of charge or their price is much lower than those of the Microsoft Windows products. Linux versions are extremely reliable and you can use them for years without any problems, whereas reliability of the last versions of Windows leaves much to be desired if compared to Linux. At the same time, Widows OS is much easier to navigate. An average user can easily get lost in the variability of Linux settings. For those users, who started working with Windows it can be quite difficult to get used to the peculiarities of Linux. So, it is not the issue of which system is better, it is about what kind of work you plan to do with the help of this system and which parameters of the OS are crucial for your success.

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